Emergency Management


Effective on 9/25/19 and until safer conditions exists, an open-air burn ban has been put in place for the County of Floyd, Virginia.

Due to dangerously dry conditions that will cause rapid fire spread, any open-air burn fires will be unlawful and considered a Class 3 misdemeanor ($500.00 Fine), violators will be charged, and the Fire Department will respond to extinguish the fire.

This ban shall include the burning of any wood, brush, logs, leaves, grass, debris, or other inflammable material, but shall not be deemed to include the use of propane or natural-gas outdoor grills and similar gas-fired cooking equipment, or the proper use of emergency road flares, or the for the destruction of any combustible liquid or gaseous material by burning in a flare or flare stack.

120 West Oxford Street
Floyd, Virginia 24091

Phone: (540) 745-9359
Fax: (540) 745-9305

Office Hours:
8:00 AM to 4:30 PM

Emergency Management Coordinator
Kevin W. Sowers
(540) 745-9313

E911 Data Technician
Alicia Bosniak
(540) 745-9313


Click Here for more information regarding extreme heat and to access the links above for emergency supply kits, communications plans, and a full Extreme Heat Safety Guide.

Hurricane Season begins June 1, 2019. Click Here for additional information and links.


2018 – 2022 Emergency Operations Plan:




Receive Critical Communications and Emergency Alerts

Floyd County is now working with Everbridge,the worldwide leader in unified critical communications, to keep residents, staff and emergency personnel safe and informed with quick and reliable emergency notifications and public service announcements.

You have complete control over alerts and can choose the delivery method of your choice: text, email or phone call.

Trouble Signing Up, Contact Kevin Sowers 540-745-9300

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